Watch: The Flash Star Ezra Miller Chokes Female Fan On Camera

The Flash

Everyone loves Ezra Miller, right? The charismatic star of Fantastic Beasts and The Flash has built up a huge fanbase over the years and regularly turns heads whenever he appears on the red carpet. So, everyone got quite a shock last night when a video emerged of Miller apparently choking a female fan and hurling her to the ground.

The short video shows a young girl approaching him and smiling while putting her fists up. Miller says, “Oh you wanna fight? That’s what you wanna do?” He then grabs her by the neck in a manner that doesn’t seem particularly playful and throws her to the ground. The video ends with the person filming apparently realizing that this isn’t cool, saying “Woah, bro. Bro!” in a concerned voice.

The video originated on Twitter from someone named Kyle Lampe, who posted it with the caption:

“okay so I’m exposing Ezra Miller because he just attacked my friend at the bar after she JOKINGLY challenged him to a fight… he took it way to seriously and choke slammed her to the ground. not okay”

While exact details of what’s going on aren’t clear yet, this certainly doesn’t look good for Miller. In now-deleted Reddit comments (that can be read here), a person who claimed to be a witness shed some light on the footage. User Groovylps said “she was joking around asking to fight and he took it seriously and freaked.” When pressed further for details on why Miller would behave like this, why the fan was play-fighting and why the actor was wearing sandals in the snow, he expanded:

1. Because he’s a fucking psycho and spit on me and two other staff members after the fact multiple times.

2. He was showing her his ‘scars’ from all the fights he’d been in and she said I could beat you up

3. Because he’s obviously a moron. After my friend and I threw him off her he was standing barefoot outside for at least 10 minutes while the bouncers waited for the cops to pick him up.

If that last point is true and he was picked up by the cops, then we should know some more details of this story fairly soon, as there’ll be some kind of police record of the incident. And if this turns out to be what it looks like, then it could throw yet another wrench into plans for the Flash solo movie.

Oh well, at least Johnny Depp and Ezra Miller will have something to chat about on the Fantastic Beasts set.