Superman Fans Are Freaking Out Over Henry Cavill’s Return To The DCEU

Henry Cavill in Man of Steel

It’s a good time to be alive for fans of DC comics. Roughly a week ago, it was announced that the fabled Snyder Cut, an extended version of 2017’s Justice League, was coming to HBO Max next year. As if this bit of news wasn’t thrilling enough on its own, last night we learned that actor Henry Cavill would reprise his role as Superman – and the Twitter community couldn’t be happier about it.

Following the lackluster box office performance and downright atrocious critical reception of Justice League, Warner Bros. seemed to be moving in a radically different direction with their problematic DCEU. Original standalone films like Shazam! and Joker appeared to be setting up a new, less-canonical universe for superhero stories to take place in, leaving the ‘good’ old days of Batfleck and Cavill’s Man of Steel behind.

Since the massive success of the fairly straightforward action blockbuster Aquaman and – of course – the announcement of the Snyder Cut, however, cultural currents slowly reversed and began to flow back into the direction of the DCEU we once loved to hate, but have now started to actually, genuinely love.

For years though, WB was known as the laughing stock of Hollywood. Compared to Disney, whose Marvel Studios titles broke one record after the other, the DCEU floundered without reprieve. With each film, fans of the characters crossed their hearts hoping this would be the moment the company would find its footing in the superhero genre. And yet, time and again, they were proven wrong. That is, until recently.

Henry Cavill is now back as Superman and though it remains to be seen where and when he’ll show up in the franchise next, the fans are over the moon about his return and below, you can check out just a sample of their reactions.

Finally, it seems there’s peace in the land of DC Comics. But how long will that last? And at what cost? We’ll have to wait and see, but for now, we can at least rest easy knowing that Cavill will be suiting up as Superman again in the near future.