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Zack Snyder Now Working On Justice League Snyder Cut Trailer

With the Snyder Cut of Justice League now confirmed for 2021 on HBO Max, Zack's hard at work on putting together the first trailer for it.

Justice League

It’ll be some time yet before we’ll get to see the Snyder Cut of Justice League, but now that it’s confirmed it’s going to become a reality, Zack Snyder is already working on a trailer for the movie.

Many of the updates about the phantom project, both verbal and visual, have come from Snyder’s Vero page, and this one’s no exception. In response to multiple fans enquiring when we might see the trailer for the film, Snyder didn’t specify a time frame, but did confirm he was in the process of putting one together.

Of course, creating any new trailer for Justice League is easy as a complete version of the pic already exists that can be worked from, but that’s not what we’re after. Snyder has stated that what we saw of his work in the theatrical movie amounted to only a quarter of what he shot, and while it’s not entirely clear what in the finished film is his and what was added by Joss Whedon after two months of reshoots, this would still amount to several hours of unused footage that the trailer would need to account for, otherwise there’s no point.

Much of the remaining footage requires extensive post-production work, which is why the Snyder Cut has yet to see the light of day despite years of fan clamoring. Some of what we’ve seen amounts to wireframe and pre-rendered images, which wouldn’t make for the most auspicious of teasers, so there’ll still be limitations in what’s available to be used. It’s evidently possible that enough of the unused footage is usable to craft a complete trailer from, else Snyder wouldn’t yet be bothering with it, but you have to wonder how it could turn out if everything was already viable.

The trailer will probably appear first on HBO Max, as the new service’s future streaming of Justice League will likely come to define many people’s use of it, but until then, fans will have to be just as patient and understanding as they’ve been so far.

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