Zack Snyder Reportedly Wants To Do A Batman/Joker Team-Up Movie

Batman v Superman

Just because the SnyderVerse is all but over, that doesn’t mean the rampant speculation is going to stop about what the future may or may not hold for the mythology left dangling on the edge of a cliff by the epilogue of HBO Max’s Justice League.

Following in the wake of his recent reports that the steward of the DCEU’s early years wants all future SnyderVerse movies to be R-rated and at least three hours long, despite the fact that he’s no longer employed by Warner Bros. and admitted that the aggressively anti-Snyder studio that tortured him during post-production on the four-hour epic view him as a pain in the ass, insider Daniel Richtman is nonetheless offering that Zack Snyder is hoping to do a team-up movie with Ben Affleck’s Batman and Jared Leto’s Joker set in the Knightmare timeline.

A whole lot of fans that would love to see it happen based on the overwhelmingly positive reactions to the intense exchange between the two iconic archenemies at the end of Justice League, but it’s not something to hold your breath over. Sure, Affleck might be returning for The Flash, but his long-term future remains entirely up for debate, while there’s been no word on any more outings under the makeup for Leto’s Clown Prince of Crime despite the Academy Award winner being linked to dozens of projects in the interim.

Snyder admitted that he recruited the Morbius star for Justice League‘s epilogue so he could finally shoot a scene between Batman and the Joker to get it off his DCEU wish list, and while a Knightmare odd couple adventure with Affleck and Leto would certainly be something to see, as always, it’ll remain a pipe dream unless WB significantly alter their stance on the SnyderVerse.