Zack Snyder Reportedly Wants Ryan Reynolds For Justice League Reshoots


The news that Zack Snyder was set to gather the principal cast of Justice League together to shoot additional footage came as a surprise, given that the film initially wrapped well over three years ago and rounding up a host of movie stars in the middle of a pandemic sounds like a logistical nightmare. That being said, the fans are definitely on board with the idea of Snyder’s all-new take on the project distancing itself even further from Joss Whedon’s version.

Unfortunately, Henry Cavill has since denied the claims that he was set to suit up as Superman to film new scenes, which makes sense given that he’s busy shooting season 2 of The Witcher in Europe and he’d have to quarantine on either side of the Atlantic if he showed up on set. The Enola Holmes star might not be involved, then, but the latest rumor claims that Snyder has his sights set on an even more surprising addition to the ensemble.

According to insider Grace Randolph, the 300 director wants to get Ryan Reynolds on board to cameo as Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern, in an effort to give the Snyder Cut of Justice League a further publicity boost and also attempt to atone for the sins of the notorious 2011 box office bomb that Reynolds still can’t stop making fun of almost a decade later.

“One thing I can tell you now is that half of the Green Lantern scene has been filmed,” says Randolph. “The Batman half. But I have heard that he wants Ryan Reynolds. I think considering how important nostalgia is these days and that the Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern came out around the time that these other movies were coming out, I think it would just be absolutely perfect to do it that way. And Ryan Reynolds has been, you know, active on Twitter, signaling that he’s open to this.”

Reynolds is a busy enough man as it is, but we’ve previously heard something similar from our own sources, and the very existence of the Snyder Cut means that nothing can be definitively ruled out just yet. The all-new Justice League seems intent to double down on fan service to make up for the disappointment that greeted the theatrical release, and roping in Green Lantern is certainly one way of going about doing that.

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