Zack Snyder Shares New BTS Image Of Superman In The Rain


Following his departure from the DCEU, when it came to the purging of his now obsolete vision, Zack Snyder was a one-man wrecking crew. As of late, however, storyboard artist Jay Oliva – who’s been a veritable treasure trove of minutia – and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice cinematographer Larry Fong, have been assisting with some of the heavy lifting. It would appear, however, that the man who initially held creative control over arguably the most promising shared cinematic universe at one point is ready for a return to the spotlight.

That’s right, after what some might call a bit of a dry-spell – at least for the typically overactive DCEU founding father – Zack Snyder once again took to his favorite social media platform, Vero, and shared the below image of Superman (Henry Cavill) on set and in full costume. As for which entry in the franchise the still was captured from, no indication was given. That said, one can’t help but love the appropriately colored umbrella Kal-El chooses to sport when the weather isn’t cooperating.

Check it out below:

Speaking of Supes, with San Diego Comic Con fast approaching, and Warner Bros. eager to get Man of Steel 2 off the ground, an announcement confirming the long-delayed sequel could be imminent. After all, filmmaker Christopher McQuarrie has reiterated his willingness to helm the picture and clearly, Cavill’s game, too – so be sure keep your eyes peeled.

Circling back to Snyder, though, and despite having seen the tangibility of his long-fabled Justice League director’s cut grow like clockwork, the likelihood of actually ever seeing it does seem to be dwindling. Regardless, I’m still enjoying all of these BTS goodies, whether they be from Justice League or Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, as I’m sure you are, too.

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