Zack Snyder Shares Photo Of Henry Cavill In Christopher Reeve’s Superman Suit


Zack Snyder’s love affair with Ayman Hariri’s social network Vero has undoubtedly benefited the DC fandom. The Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice director has been combing through his superhero epic on the aforementioned platform, divulging cut and concealed content like no tomorrow. Whether or not the filmmaker is exorcising his DC demons or merely recollecting a moment in time when he held complete creative control over the comic book titan’s shared cinematic universe, however, remains to be seen.

Justice League is still, somewhat, hot off the presses, after all, and because Warner Bros. is unwilling to disclose the true nature of Snyder’s departure from the motion picture, the credited director of the Super Friends’ silver screen debut hasn’t been as forthcoming about the mangled movie on Vero as some would like him to be.

Nevertheless, the Man of Steel director is a class act and while wishing Wonder Woman’s off-screen counterpart, Gal Gadot, happy birthday earlier this week, Snyder posted an excised still featuring Diana of Themyscira from a Justice League deleted scene. This weekend, he continues to bestow love, admiration and support upon his cast, celebrating Henry Cavill’s 35th birthday by sharing a photo of the actor donning the iconic costume worn by Christopher Reeve in the original 1978 Superman movie.

With Warner Bros. expected to make Man of Steel 2 official pretty soon, Mission: Impossible – Fallout director Christopher McQuarrie divulged last week that he and Clark Kent himself, Henry Cavill, discussed the titular character at length during the filming of the sixth MI installment. The director’s been asked, on two separate occasions, as well, if he’d helm a superhero movie – specifically, Man of Steel 2 – to which he responded the first time, “they [WB] know where to find me,” and the second, “If Henry asked me to, sure, why not?”

So, although nothing may be set in stone just yet, it appears that Warner Bros. has a pretty solid candidate to get behind the camera on the much anticipated Superman sequel. While we wait to see if they end up going with McQuarrie or someone else, though, at least we’ve got this awesome new shot of Cavill in Reeve’s classic Superman suit to feast on – and we must say, he looks pretty good in the costume, don’t you think?

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