Zack Snyder Teases That Army Of The Dead Animated Show Sets Up A Sequel

Army of the Dead

We’re only one film and two and a half hours into Netflix’s expanded Army of the Dead universe, and already fans have a whole lot of questions they need answers to. How do zombies get each other pregnant? Why are there robot zombies that nobody notices? What does Area 51 have to do with it? Can there really be a time loop involved? All of these and more were posed during the apocalyptic blockbuster, but no resolutions were provided.

Snyder is clearly hedging his bets that he’ll get to tackle these subplots eventually, and he’s evidently keen to stay in the Netflix business as well, having stuck around to produce and co-write animated series Twilight of the Gods, which will be directed by Jay Oliva, coincidentally the man responsible for developing and helming Army of the Dead‘s own 2D companion piece Lost Vegas, which hasn’t been given a locked-in debut date as of yet.

Live-action prequel Army of Thieves is also coming to Netflix later this year, but Lost Vegas has additionally been described as a prequel of sorts that focuses on Dave Bautista’s character Scott Ward during his military days when the zombie outbreak was in its infancy, even though Joe Manganiello’s new face Rose has been confirmed as the protagonist.

In a recent interview with an Italian YouTube channel, Snyder vaguely teased that when audiences finally get the chance to see Army of Thieves and Lost Vegas, they’ll have a much better idea of where the dominoes will fall in regards to Army of the Dead 2, while also hinting that the scale will increase exponentially. As such, there’s even a chance that the franchise will go global in its second main installment, and fourth overall.