Zack Snyder Teases Army Of The Dead Spinoff For Fan Favorite Character

tig notaro army of the dead

Many reviews for Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead, and no small amount of fan reactions on top of that, lauded Tig Notaro’s sardonic performance as helicopter pilot Marianne Peters for being one of the movie’s undoubted highlights.

While that’s hardly out of the ordinary on paper, in practice it makes the means behind her performance all the more impressive. Notaro was cast eight months after Army of the Dead had wrapped shooting once Chris D’Elia was dropped in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations, and her contributions to the film were shot against a green screen on her own, before being composited into the final cut.

Now that Army of Thieves has set the template for spinoffs that bear very little resemblance to Army of the Dead in terms of style and tone, Zack Snyder suggested in an interview with Variety that Peters would be the ideal candidate for her own solo outing, and there’s even a title he’d be on board with.

“I think Tig’s character, of course, could be really fun to find out how she went from doing dry, narrations of her helicopter tours at the Grand Canyon to piloting a zombie rescue mission. That would be interesting. It really does. I’d back Flight of the Dead, that’s pretty good.”

Netflix subscribers would be over the moon if Notaro were to return for her own headlining addition to the Army of the Dead mythos, and given her in-canon history with Dave Bautista’s Scott Ward, the two could potentially even meet face-to-face for the first time ever.