Netflix Users Can’t Get Over Tig Notaro In Army Of The Dead

Army of the Dead

A lot of reviews for Army of the Dead have praised Tig Notaro’s sardonic helicopter pilot Marianne Peters as one of the movie’s highlights, but there are no doubt an awful lot of Netflix subscribers that won’t have any idea she was cast eight months after production wrapped and was forced to shoot all of her scenes by herself against a green screen before being composited into the final cut.

It was an expensive process, to be sure, and producer Deborah Snyder estimates that it cost almost as much to CGI Notaro into Army of the Dead as it did to make prequel Army of Thieves in its entirety, but it’s certainly impressive work from the post-production team. A lot of Notaro’s dialogue is just simple close-ups of the actress talking, so there aren’t any seams to join, but there are a handful of background shots where she’s walking, talking and interacting with the rest of the ensemble despite never having actually met any of them in real life.

Notaro replaced Chris D’Elia after the comedian was subjected to multiple sexual misconduct allegations and Snyder decided to get rid of him altogether rather than trimming down his scenes, and as as you can see from the reactions below, fans are more than happy at how things turned out in the end.

It can’t have been easy for either Snyder, Notaro or the Army of the Dead crew to figure out a way to make it work, but those who haven’t been following the behind the scenes tumult that plagued the apocalyptic actioner may be none the wiser that the wisecracking pilot never even set foot on set or interacted with any of her co-stars.