Zack Snyder Trends Online For A Very Bizarre Reason

zack snyder

Zack Snyder trending on social media is nothing new, with supporters of his DCEU tenure still relentlessly campaigning to see the mythology that was cut short and effectively ended by HBO Max’s Justice League continued, but the filmmaker seems more than happy with the stack of projects he’s got in the work at Netflix.

In a recent interview, Eternals director Chloe Zhao praised the filmmaker’s Man of Steel for influencing her approach to the Marvel Cinematic Universe epic, and there are definitely similarities than can be drawn when you compare how the two big budget comic book adaptations treat superheroes as deified beings rooted deeper in classic mythology than standard superhero shenanigans.

Not long after that, ‘Zack Snyder is the Blueprint’ was trending all over the world as fans hopped on the bandwagon to praise the architect of the DCEU and Army of the Dead franchises, even though a lot of the responses came with tongues planted firmly in cheeks.

Snyder is known to be an active presence on Twitter and his beloved Vero, so you can guarantee that he’ll be well aware his name has been at the forefront of the cultural conversation yet again, this time as a result of an MCU movie.