Zack Snyder Unveils New Batman V Superman Storyboard Featuring Cyborg


It’s getting to the point where if it isn’t “Snyder cut” related, I don’t want to hear or see anything remotely relevant to the DCEU.

Zack Snyder has taken to Vero, ONCE AGAIN, this time to reveal (but really, what’s left at this point?) a storyboard from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. The image in question depicts Victor Stone (Ray Fisher) “watching himself as his father (in bg) turns off camera from video log.”

The concept art, which you can check out below, also contains additional dialogue that wasn’t used in DoJ, but it’s barely legible. If you manage to decipher Zack’s handwriting, though, be sure to leave a comment below with your findings.

This latest piece of behind the scenes material follows on from last week, when Snyder took to his favorite social media platform to share a pair of storyboards from Justice League, which by the way, ended its theatrical run as the lowest-grossing DCEU film to date. The more essential of the two recounted the origin story of the Mother Box.

According to the director, the Apokoliptian artifact was found by the Nazi party toward the end of the second World War, studied stateside for several decades, having presumably been captured by the allies, then used by S.T.A.R. Labs scientist Silas Stone (Joe Morton) to heal his son Victor.

Over the past week or so, Snyder has been bouncing back and forth between Justice League and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice on Vero at an unprecedented pace, even for him. Even so, we always appreciate it whenever Zack opens up about his films, but without the payoff, the battle has us feeling a little tiresome. Nevertheless, we’ll continue to soldier on, at least until Zack or WB delivers the goods, or we perish – whichever comes first.