Justice League Snyder Cut Might Be Announced Tomorrow

batman justice league

According to a new report, Zack Snyder has won the battle for his original Justice League cut – known as the Snyder Cut – with Warner Bros. finally relenting and agreeing to release his version of the 2017 movie.

After the whirlwind of chaos that was Batman V Superman‘s premiere, Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman partially redeemed the DCEU, leading fans to believe that WB has corrected course and Snyder is going to stick the landing this time with Justice League. Alas, the tragic death of his daughter Autumn caused the director to give up his duties to Joss Whedon, who went on to make drastic changes to the script and reshoot many scenes. The blockbuster ultimately turned out to be as mediocre as BvS and Suicide Squad, costing Warner Bros. at least $60 million by underperforming at the box office. Still, fans have campaigned for years to see Snyder’s original cut of Justice League, and the director has gone out of his way several times to confirm its existence.

Now, after a report revealed that the Snyder Cut was making its way to HBO Max this month and another alleged that the filmmaker recently held a private screening of his personal edit, with several WB execs attending the event, FandomWire claims that one of the higher-ups in the company has changed their mind about this extended version and they’re pulling strings to release it. And according to The Wrap’s Umberto Gonzalez, it may be announced tomorrow.

Apparently, the studio was at first moving towards canning the Snyder Cut once and for all, but one of the executives changed his mind, which means that after so long, this version may finally get released. Of course, since there are currently so many conflicting reports on the subject, we’d take this with a grain of salt, but if it’s true, then kudos to Zack Snyder for winning the fight and getting to show fans his original vision for Justice League.

All that being said, we’d advise not getting too excited just yet, but we should know more once the director hosts his Man of Steel watch party tomorrow, so stay tuned.