Zack Snyder’s ‘Rebel Moon’ could be a two-part story

zack snyder army of the dead

Hop onto Twitter on any given day and you’ll see countless DCEU fans clamoring for Zack Snyder’s Justice League sequels, with the all-star blockbuster initially announced to be arriving in two parts, which obviously never happened once Joss Whedon got his hands on the project and ran it into the ground.

On the plus side, the filmmaker has at least one shared universe alive and kicking, with Netflix’s Army of the Dead already two movies deep, and there’s a direct sequel and an animated spinoff on the way. However, recent murmurings may have hinted that sci-fi epic Rebel Moon could be getting the two-part treatment, after Production Weekly updated the streaming exclusive’s current status.

It was just the other day it was reported that Rebel Moon‘s start date had been pushed back by a month, but the publication have now re-dubbed the former standalone Star Wars feature as Rebel Moon: Part 1. That’s no guarantee we’ll be getting a cliffhanger whenever the finished product arrives, though, but it could be another indication that Snyder is going all-in with Netflix.

Of course, fans will never give up hope that he’ll swoop in to save their preferred version of the DCEU, but for the time being, a string of eye-popping Netflix extravaganzas will do the trick.

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