Zack Snyder’s ‘Rebel Moon’ starts shooting in March 2022

zack snyder

Having officially ended his fifteen-year tenure at Warner Bros. following the release of HBO Max’s Justice League this past March, Zack Snyder dived headfirst into his new working relationship with Netflix, and he’s already spinning a huge number of plates despite the contract only having been made public a few months back.

Army of the Dead was shot before he inked a development deal with the streamer, but prequel Army of Thieves has already been released, while sequel Planet of the Dead and animated companion series Lost Vegas are on the way. Then there’s the Norse-inspired Twilight of the Gods that he’s producing for the platform, on top of sci-fi epic Rebel Moon.

A blockbuster inspired by Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai that was refitted from a Star Wars spinoff into something brand new is an exciting prospect, especially when Snyder described it as being akin to the Kryptonian prologue from Man of Steel, but on the biggest steroids imaginable.

Sofia Boutella was recently cast in the lead role, and with Production Weekly now offering that shooting kicks on March 1, 2022, more major announcements should be coming in the very near future. Straight-up sci-fi isn’t something Snyder has really tackled before, so Rebel Moon should give him ample opportunity to indulge himself.