Zazie Beetz Hopes Disney Will Keep Deadpool R-Rated


In the wake of the Disney/Fox merger, the future of the Deadpool franchise is in an uncertain place, but it’s the hope of Zazie Beetz that the Mouse House can maintain the spirit of the series.

During the Puerto Rico Comic Con, the Domino actress discussed the future of the franchise in an interview with CineXpress. After acknowledging that Disney has a “different audience base” from Fox, Beetz added that she hopes the company will “continue to honor Fox’s audience base.”

Indeed, Marvel Studios films have generally targeted a younger crowd than the R-rated Deadpool movies, raising concerns that the Merc with a Mouth will be made to tone down on the violence and swearing. Nonetheless, there’s reason to believe that Disney has no intention of forcing the character to go PG-13.

For one thing, Disney CEO Bob Iger made it very clear earlier this year that they’re open to making R-rated Deadpool outings. On top of that, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige acknowledged just last month in an interview with Variety that Wade Wilson’s series is “working” as is, raising the question, “why would we change it?” And while the X-Men franchise as a whole is expected to get a reboot under Disney, THR reported back in March that Ryan Reynolds is unlikely to be recast.

On the other hand, a new rumor has just recently started circulating that Disney is considering making a Deadpool TV show, instead of another movie. Either way, seeing how the franchise currently has a lot of momentum behind it, the Mouse House probably won’t want to leave the fans hanging too long before they offer some clarification.

As for Beetz, though it remains to be seen if her iteration of Domino will ever return, you can at least find the actress in another comic book movie when Joker hits theaters on October 4th.