Zendaya’s Character In Spider-Man: Homecoming Is Still A Mystery


Last week, a report sprung up which purportedly revealed the true identity of Zendaya’s character Michelle in Spider-Man: Homecoming, a mystery that had been eating away at fans for months. A couple of people had claimed to get hold of the junior novelization of the movie which contained the revelation that Michelle was really the daughter of Spidey’s nemesis, Adrian Toomes AKA Vulture.

Now, however, a different report is debunking the rumour. Screen Geek has found chatter on social media sites such as Reddit and Tumblr that deny the idea that Michelle’s surname is given as Toomes in the book. According to at least one fan who claims to have read it, there’s no such reveal to be found anywhere in the novelization.

Just to fuel the fire some more, though, we have to mention that just because this revelation isn’t in the book itself doesn’t mean it isn’t true. The novelization is a truncated version of the movie’s story, as we know that its last chapter covers the Washington D.C. action set piece glimpsed in the trailers, which we wouldn’t think is the big third act climax.

Given that there’s so much uncertainty surrounding these rumours, then, probably the best thing to do is to cast the ‘Michelle is the Vulture’s daughter’ rumour out of our heads and just go into the film with an open mind. Who knows, she might turn out to be Mary Jane Watson, after all? Or she might just a high school friend of Peter’s, vaguely based off Michelle Gonzales from the comics.

Thankfully, we don’t have long to wait until we find out for sure, as Spider-Man: Homecoming swings into cinemas on July 7th.

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