10 Things We Learned From The New Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer


This is one of the biggest years ever for the comic book movie genre. With the last appearance of Wolverine, the first solo movie for Wonder Woman and the assembly of the Justice League, it might have been hard for yet another Spider-Man movie to stand out. Thankfully, though, the first trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming that was released a few months ago got us hugely excited for it and somehow, the newly-released second trailer, which dropped this morning, is even better.

While the first preview focused mostly on setting up Peter Parker’s status quo – his unrequited love life, his status as the school geek, his secret superhero’ing – the second trailer is much more intense and dramatic, bringing us tons of both Iron Man and the Vulture as well as giving off that classic Spidey feel. It also demonstrates just what the main thrust of the film will be and gives us a look at what’ll likely be some of the movie’s key set pieces.

So, on that note, join us as we run through the 10 most important things we learned about Spider-Man: Homecoming from this latest trailer.