Zendaya Teases How Spider-Man’s Secret Identity Puts MJ In Danger


No superhero franchise is complete unless the reveal of the title character’s secret identity puts those around him in mortal peril at one stage or another, something we’ve seen on a regular basis from the various Spider-Man movies to have hit theaters across the last two decades.

The stinger of Far From Home marked the first time it happened to Tom Holland’s Peter Parker, though, but the trailer for December’s threequel showed that he was trying to rope in Doctor Strange in an effort to reverse Mysterio’s final act by having everyone forget that the timid high school student is in fact everyone’s favorite neighborhood Web-Slinger.

Naturally, things don’t go to plan and multiversal chaos is unleashed, but Spider-Man: No Way Home isn’t going to be all about the villains. In a new interview with Empire Magazine, Zendaya teases how the loss of Peter’s secret affects everyone in his orbit, placing them in grave danger.

“Everybody around him, who cares about him and loves him, gets put into danger… As soon as they get to be in love, everything else starts to crumble.”

MJ has already proven herself to be much more than a damsel in distress, but with bad guys coming after Peter’s nearest and dearest from three different realities, it’s completely understandable that she’d be more fearful for her life than ever before in Spider-Man: No Way Home.