Zoe Saldana Confirms She’ll Return As Gamora In Avengers 4


Gamora’s a pretty tough cookie, but you’d think even she would be hard-pressed to survive what Thanos did to her in Avengers: Infinity War. Apparently not, though, as she’s going to be back for Avengers 4, as marked by this video posted by Zoe Saldana on social media showing her getting her green on. It looks like a pretty laborious process and she appears even more alien and strange without the wig on.

We already suspected that she was returning to the character, but this video is bound to spark off a lot more speculation as to how they’re going to bring the Guardian back from the dead. There’s a lot of discussion pointing to the fact that Avengers 4 will feature time travel, though. For one, we’ve already seen recreations of the Battle of New York being shot, and there are rumors that the movie could transform into a time-traveling heist with the surviving characters rearranging history so Thanos never achieves his goal.

Based on that, there’s a small chance that Gamora might not be resurrected after all and Saldana is just playing a past version of the character. There’s also a theory that rather than dying, Thanos’ sacrifice of the Guardian actually placed her within the Soul Stone, meaning she can still make a return somehow.

While I like Zoe Saldana and Gamora, if they undo all the deaths in Infinity War, it’s going to rob that movie of a lot of its punch. Thanos clearly being guilt-ridden and upset about killing someone he loves added a ton of depth to the character and that’ll certainly be diluted a bit if she returns all shiny and new.

But that boat might’ve sailed, as judging from Marvel Studios’ upcoming slate of films, we can say with certainty that practically all of the major characters who were dusted in the finale will indeed be coming back. The big question, of course, is how, and we’ll find that out when Avengers 4 opens big in May.

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