Zoolander 2 To Feature Justin Bieber Cameo


When the original Zoolander waltzed onto the scene back in 2001, Ben Stiller’s fashion bonanza was chock full of cameo appearances, with everyone from Paris Hilton to the Spice Girls getting in on the action. Fast forward to 2015 and with Stiller gearing up to deliver a bigger and bolder sequel with Zoolander 2, today brings word that singer-songwriter Justin Bieber has joined the sequel in an unspecified role.

The director took to Instagram to confirm the news, with Bieber donning his best Blue Steel impression and reaffirming his place through Twitter. Both parties threw up the above image alongside the casting announcement, hinting that Bieber could very well play a young protégé to Ben Stiller’s Derek Zoolander or, perhaps in the more likely scenario, a wet-behind-the-ears rival who just so happens to steal his jet-black do. We’ll likely learn more about Bieber’s role as the high-fashion sequel nears its release next year, so stay tuned for more updates.

Zoolander 2 has been a busy house since Stiller formally confirmed the film’s release date last month alongside co-star Owen Wilson – who reprises his role as the equally-deluded Hansel McDonald. After Christine Taylor was slated to return, Billy Zane got in the spirit of the cult comedy in announcing his own return in hilarious fashion. As for the newcomers, Penelope Cruz and Saturday Night Live alum Fred Armisen round out the cast.

With Justin Bieber now on board for a cameo appearance, the sky’s the limit as far as Stiller and Co. are concerned. And it’ll be fascinating to see what other big names they can attract over the next 10 months or so.

Zoolander 2 will arrive in theaters in time for February 12, 2016.

Source: Instagram