Zords, Alpha 5 And Bryan Cranston’s Zordon All Feature In Power Rangers Trailer Stills

Cast your mind back to the moment when Lionsgate debuted the first footage from its upcoming Power Rangers reboot and you’ll no doubt remember a moody, Chronicle-esque origin story featuring Saban’s color-coded heroes.

Designed to uphold an aura of mystery around Dean Israelite’s blockbuster tentpole, it’s also important to remember that that teaser trailer came at a time when many of the film’s VFX shots were still to be finished. How do we know? Because the second Power Rangers trailer slammed online earlier this morning, and it didn’t leave much to the imagination.

Featuring Bryan Cranston’s all-powerful sage Zordon, Bill Hader’s Alpha 5 and those iconic Zords transforming into the even more iconic Megazord, the sizzle reel certainly presented a lot to digest. Thankfully, Lionsgate has rolled out a host of screenshots which, when pulled together, offer a play-by-play breakdown of that trailer in question. We’ve included all the action shots in the gallery above for you to peruse.

Stranger Things season 2 star Dacre Montgomery will headline Lionsgate’s team as Jason (Red Ranger), a normal teenager who finds himself with extraordinary abilities. He isn’t the only citizen of Angel Grove to undergo such a transformation, either. Joining him are Naomi Scott’s Kimberly (Pink Ranger), RJ Cyler’s Scott Billy (Blue Ranger), Becky G’s Trini (Yellow Ranger) and Ludi Lin’s Zack (Black Ranger).

On March 24, Lionsgate will assemble its Power Rangers for better or worse. Providing Israelite’s reboot fares well at the box office, there are tentative plans in place for an entire series of movies. You can judge for yourself whether Rangers is a compelling franchise-starter via the trailer below.

Source: Collider