Bebe Rexha Performs New Single And Announces Album Title


Bebe Rexha had quite the night during MTV’s Europe Music Awards. The singer hosted the show, performed her Martin Garrix hit, “In The Name of Love,” and even got around to performing her recent solo single, “I Got You,” too. It was a lot to handle, but Rexha pulled it off with ease.

During her first ever “I Got You” performance, the singer shined vocally, even if she had a bit of a strange stage set up. Straying away from flashy lights and pyrotechnics, she kept it pretty basic by performing with nothing other than a giant “U” shaped object with eyes and a lot of fur. We don’t exactly understand, but we won’t question it either.

In more exciting news, before her big night kicked off, Rexha took to social media to finally announce what that mysterious album title acronym stood for. Known as A.Y.F. for the past few months, she finally revealed that it stands for All Your Fault.

Still scheduled for a release on January 17th, All Your Fault will include the bubbly “I Got You” single and potentially even “In The Name of Love,” which she’s credited as an artist for and not just a guest feature.