Britney Spears And Tinashe Link Up For “Slumber Party” Remix


After being teased for the past month, Britney Spears has finally unveiled her re-worked version of her latest single, “Slumber Party,” featuring R&B singer Tinashe on vocals. Originally included on Spears’ recent record, Glory, the collaboration is the first single since “Make Me…” debuted back in July and one of the best potential songs that the album has to offer.

With its reggae-influenced tone, “Slumber Party” stood pretty strong on its own already, and Tinashe doesn’t really do anything to disrupt the good that’s there. It’s still delightfully catchy and Tinashe’s voice is always a joy to listen to, but if the song ends up becoming a success, it won’t have much to do with the fact she was featured. The track will be issued to Top 40/Mainstream radio on November 22nd, so prepare to have the song spinning on every station you turn to in the next couple of weeks.

This remix, despite where it ends up charting, is something that’s going to be special to Tinashe no matter what — the singer wrote how excited she was to work with Britney Spears, calling the pop legend her “idol,” and it’s definitely shown just how much she appreciates the collaboration judging by the effort put in by both artists.