Cee-Lo Green Will Record New Goodie Mob Album Before Gnarls Barkley

While Cee-Lo Green recently announced that he and Danger Mouse will be getting back together to record a third Gnarls Barkley album, the singer/rapper revealed to The Source that he will be reuniting with his old rap crew Goodie Mob to work on their new album first.

“Let me clear this up now, that comment was made very casually I’m actually planning on completing a Goodie Mob album first,” Cee-Lo continued. “So I am working on both of them, in a very calm moderate kind of way. You know we absolutely have the creative drive to do Goodie Mob, and we already started Gnarls Barkley about a year go so I’d like to right that statement.”

Cee-Lo also commented on how much he missed rapping, despite his singing career being much more successful.

“Yeah I actually I really do, it’s the most natural place to go, and it ballooned into something resourceful and renowned,” he continued. “Goodie Mob is here to stay and so is Hip Hop. And we as a community need help, and I’m apart of the community, so I believe doing another Goodie Mob Album is doing a civil service, if you will.”

For those who are unaware, Goodie Mob was instrumental in the beginnings of Southern hip hop. As part of the Dungeon Family collective along with Outkast and production team Organized Noize, they brought Atlanta and the South as a whole to the front of the hip hop world. To put their influence in perspective, Goodie Mob actually coined the term “Dirty South” on their debut 1995 album Soul Food.

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