The Chainsmokers Drop New EP Ahead Of Friend Zone Tour


After a steady stream of quality releases over the past several months, The Chainsmokers have now dropped a new EP titled Bouquet. Along with four previously released tracks (“Roses,” “Until You Were Gone,” “Good Intentions” and “Waterbed“), we also get a brand new one in the form of “New York City.”

Featuring vocalist Victoria Zaro, it’s a beautiful ode to the boys’ home city, full of raw emotion that culminates in an energetic, progressive drop that’s sure to have fans jumping up and down as Alex and Drew embark on their upcoming Friend Zone tour. A tour which will see them receive support from artists like Ansolo, DallasK, Shaun Frank and more. If you haven’t already done so, you can snag tickets here.

Back to “New York City,” though, and the the duo calls it “the most challenging song” they’ve ever done, having worked on it for over a year, which resulted in 75 different versions being made.

“This is probably one of the most challenging songs we have ever done,” The Chainsmokers said on their SoundCloud page. “We have legitimately been working on this track for over a year and probably made about 75 completely different versions of it. It was really challenging because the and message is so emotional and raw and we are also from new york so we literally stressed out about every inch of this song.”

“Make it dance, keep it mellow, live instrumentals only, add some tropical vibes, go full progressive, literally we did everything and got super in our heads until our computer crashed and we lost everything… which turned out to be a blessing because when we went back into the project it all flowed out exactly how we wanted it. We have to give a lot of credit though to the writer of this amazing track Brittany who literally poured her soul out on this song she wrote and its beautiful. This just has all the feels of a classic chainsmoker song so we hope you enjoy it!”

As a whole, the Bouquet EP is really quite special. A culmination of all the hard work that Alex and Drew have been doing over the past year or so, it truly shows just how versatile and exciting these two young producers are, and it definitely has us looking forward to seeing what they’ll be able to contribute to the EDM world come 2016.

Take a listen to “New York City” via the embed above, and if you like what you hear (and we imagine you will), be sure to pick up The Chainsmokers‘ Bouquet over on iTunes.