The Chainsmokers Drop Official Video For “All We Know”


After dropping a lyric video for “Setting Fires” last week, The Chainsmokers are back to release a new music video for their song “All We Know” featuring Phoebe Ryan. The track was originally premiered in September before surfacing on the Collage EP earlier this month, and fans will no doubt be excited to now have an official visual tie-in for the single.

The video opens in darkness, as we hear the voice of a man who receives some bad news over the phone. As the music starts to play, we see the man blow off his girlfriend and head to the liquor store, before proceeding to become intoxicated as he wanders the city. After breaking down in the streets and hitching a ride with some strangers, the man makes his way out of the city and onto the hilltops, where he reunites with his girlfriend from the beginning of the clip.

The new music video follows up on Said The Sky’s excellent remix of “All We Know” from earlier this week, and serves as a suitable visual accompaniment for the song. The video’s concept is simple enough, but some interesting cinematic techniques are employed throughout that give it a video game-like perspective and make for an interesting viewing experience. And just for fun, The Chainsmokers even make a brief cameo – see if you can spot them.