The Chainsmokers Tease Yet Another Massive Collaboration


The Chainsmokers‘ collaboration game has been on fire as of late. Following “Closer,” their massive new single, the EDM crossover duo have been announcing a string of major studio team ups this week, revealing upcoming songs with Linkin Park, Big Sean, and Weezer, as well as Coldplay’s Chris Martin. There’s enough A-list talent there to make any producer’s head spin, but now they’ve revealed that they’ve been hitting the studio with none other than Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic.

Taking to Snapchat, The Chainsmokers have offered up a brief glimpse at what they have cooking in the studio with Ryan Tedder, interspersed with Alex and Drew’s comedic antics. Towards the end of the clip, we also see Bono of U2 fame make an appearance during their session, though he appears to be lost and not on his way to join the collaboration.

Like the Chris Martin song, it’s unclear if the upcoming track with Ryan Tedder will only feature him or if it will be a full on joint effort with OneRepublic. Either way, The Chainsmokers have a lot of upcoming music for fans to get excited about and we can’t wait to hear what they’ve been working on.

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