New Court Documents Reveal Additional Details On Krewella Lawsuit


Court documents were filed today in the lawsuit concerning the Yousaf sisters, Yasmine and Jahan, and their former Krewella band member, Kris Trindl, who is suing them to the tune of $5 million. A lawyer for the siblings has called Trindl’s claims “baseless,” and has filed a counter-suit that states Trindl became an alcoholic during his time in the group and would often show up to performances under the influence.

Furthermore, the counter-suit says that he didn’t know how to DJ properly and would sometimes fake it while on stage. At some shows, the sisters would even have to unplug his mixer. The bad news doesn’t stop there, either, as the girls also claim that Trindl wasn’t much help in the studio and didn’t contribute very much to any of their tracks.

“Kris was unaware of the intervention beforehand and at the intervention, it was apparent that he was not sober, with some commenting that they believed he was under the influence of marijuana,” said the court documents. “Everyone read letters to Kris expressing their love and care for him and their concerns for his well being. Kris refused to go to the sixty day treatment plan and instead told everyone to ‘F*ck off.’”

Of course, Trindl isn’t going down so easily. His lawyer, Dina LaPolt, is claiming that the girls have no right to throw him out of the band, stating:

“When they met, [the Yousaf sisters] didn’t know what was a middle C was on the keyboard. They still don’t. The only notes they know are bank notes.”

As a big fan of Krewella, and one of their early supporters, it’s upsetting to see them have to go through all of this. I’m not going to take sides, as no one really knows what went down for sure aside from the three band members, but I do hope that it all gets resolved quickly and they can all come out from this unscathed.

Take a look at the full court documents below for more information on the counter-suit, and let us know what you think of this whole mess that Krewella is now in.