The Weeknd Drops “Party Monster” And “I Feel It Coming” From Upcoming Starboy Album


After making us wait for what felt like ages, Daft Punk and The Weeknd have finally dropped their latest collaboration, “I Feel It Coming.” The new single follows up on their previous hit together, “Starboy,” which is currently sitting at the number two spot on Billboard’s Hot 100.

The build-up leading to the release of the new collaboration has been fraught with anticipation, starting last month after The Weeknd shared an image depicting one half of the robotic duo in action figure form. After confirming that a new collaboration was on the way, things finally reached a boiling point this week when The Weeknd shared the tracklist for his upcoming album Starboy, leaving fans hungry for new music.

“I Feel It Coming” ranks as another strong collaboration for The Weeknd and Daft Punk, featuring a funky production with swanky guitar licks layered over disco rhythms. Abel’s pristine vocals really shine on this one, and we even get some classic Daft Punk vocoder action sprinkled throughout.

Along with the release of “I Feel It Coming,” The Weeknd has given us another preview of Starboy with “Party Monster.” Contrasting the upbeat vibes of “I Feel It Coming,” “Party Monster” is a dark hip hop tune complete with smoky R&B style vocal hooks. The production utilizes a winning formula with serene melodies layered over booming sub bass, and fans familiar with The Weeknd’s other material will no doubt enjoy it.

While we ultimately felt that “Starboy” was a strong release, a number of people were disappointed that it didn’t sound quite Daft Punk enough. The pressure was on then to deliver a tune more in line with their signature sound, and the duo definitely meet the mark with “I Feel It Coming.” All in all, both songs are strong efforts, and we can’t wait to see what else The Weeknd has in store for us with his upcoming album.

You can check out a preview of each track below, and grab them for yourself by heading here.