Dash Berlin Gives Don’t Look Down An Uplifting Remix


Amid one of the more bizarre scares to hit social media in recents months the timing may not have been ideal for Dash Berlin to drop such a high-profile remix, because when it comes down to it it’s not all that memorable in the first place. The trance trio tried their hand at reworking Martin Garrix and Usher’s “Don’t Look Down” – several months too late and with little to stimulate the imagination.

The arrangement of the original has been left largely untouched in Dash Berlin’s remix, save for a shimmering series of synth plucks that reinforce the melodic progression. A euphoric synth lead gives the remix more main stage appeal than the original, but at the cost of taking any sort of creative risk that might jeopardize the playability of the track.

While we certainly don’t expect Dash Berlin to cater to pure trance elitists, it’s reasonable to expect more from the Dutch outfit than this. With timeless tracks like “Man On The Run” and “Waiting” under their belt, they’ve certainly proven themselves capable of such after all.

Check out Dash Berlin‘s remix of Martin Garrix and Usher’s “Don’t Look Down” above. Did you feel that it improved upon the original? Tell us why or why not in the comments section below.