Martin Garrix And Usher Tell Us Don’t Look Down


As with his last song, “Forbidden Voices,” Martin Garrix is stepping away from his typical big room sound. For his new track, titled “Don’t Look Down” and featuring pop icon Usher, the young producer has given us a radio-friendly tune infused with a bit of tropical house thanks to some synthesized bells which do work well here, but certainly sound out of place in a Garrix song.

Still, it’s nice to see the DJ stepping out of his comfort zone by going for a more melodic feel than just another main stage banger. The track is set to appear on his upcoming debut album and if it’s any indication of the direction that he’s heading in, then we could be in for a whole new side of the producer once the disc drops later this year.

“Don’t Look Down” will be available starting tomorrow, but for now, take a listen to a leaked version of it above and let us know what you think of this new track from Martin Garrix.