Deadmau5 Deletes Social Media Accounts, Celebrates With New Music


Joel Zimmerman, better known to the world as Deadmau5, is tired of all the bullshit. Over the last few days, he’s explained his reasoning behind the Twitter rants, called out the motives behind social media in general, and even tossed around the idea of abandoning the Deadmau5 project. But he’s not just talking about it.

Yesterday, Deadmau5 removed everything post-August from his Twitter account, and switched all remaining tweets to protected. As a result, the remnants of his feuds with Aaron Carter, Krewella, Justin Bieber, and Ghastly have all vanished along with his verified account status. Now, Zimmerman has gone ahead and deleted all social media accounts, in full. Though the mass extinction of his online presence doesn’t come as too much of a surprise after his Facebook statement, it’s still shocking that the troll-meister would follow through with such a purge.

The last few months have hit Deadmau5 with hate of all kinds, pointing fingers at his lack of musical focus and demeaning attitude. However, it’s a bit juvenile to think that the guy has been sleeping on music, especially with the recent YouTube leak of 94 unreleased Deadmau5 tracks. And just to quell any doubts, he’s uploaded a new song to Soundcloud, taking a similar approach to the Aphex-Twin style of previous endeavors.

Considering everything that’s happened over the last couple days, it seems like Deadmau5 has distilled his ego into a renewed focus on quality, genuine music, without the fluff. Regardless of any online presence, as long as Zimmerman continues to create the emotive music he’s known for, the world will take notice.