Deadmau5 Teases Two New Project Entropy Cuts


After speculations that deadmau5 might be hanging up his hat as a DJ/producer following his last Twitter debacle, the progressive house icon has set his fans’ minds at ease with new releases associated with the Project Entropy stage show concept that he announced back in September.

A few days ago he unveiled two works in progress that had something to do with the 360-degree arena show, and has just uploaded two more to his SoundCloud account.

The first arrives in the form of “ent_Hope_clk_thme,” a video-gamey tune that plays only long enough for the faintest buildup to take place. The second, “ent_open_Alice_02,” embodies a decidedly more avant-garde essence, employing the use of seemingly arbitrary effects to create an unsettling ambience.

While the actual role of these tracks in Deadmau5‘ Project Entropy concept still remains to be seen, like all of the music he teases they provide a small window into the mind of a production genius.

After listening to both tunes, tell us what you think Project Entropy could be by commenting below.