Deadmau5 Is Back With New Entropy Teasers



deadmau5 has been taunting us with snippets of Entropy since we first caught wind of the project back in September, but it might as well have been a lifetime. Our anticipation regarding the proposed multi-million dollar, 360 degree arena show has seen a bit of a decline since then, but the Mau5 knows just how to stoke the flames.

Dodging the copyright issue associated with “Entropy,” he’s re-labeled the endeavor “Project Entropy,” and supplemented the change with two new uploads on Instagram.

The first is titled “Alice Awakens,” which sets a grumbling arrangement of seemingly haphazard percussion under the famous Star Wars “Cantina” track. It would be easy to disregard this clip, but it’s deadmau5, so there’s certainly more to it than we’re led to believe.

The second upload, “Hopes Theme,” is more what we’d expect. There’s an ambient sequence that evokes the same splendor of deadmau5′ last album, while (1<2), and his trademark low-end progression is heard in full effect.

Both clips are set to psychedelic visual recordings of studio equipment, but it looks like an in-app feature rather than the quality visual production of Project Entropy. For the most part, this new material is growing even further from what we know to be “old deadmau5,” and we quite like it.

Project Entropy - "Alice awakens"

A video posted by deadmau5 (@deadmau5) on

A video posted by deadmau5 (@deadmau5) on

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