deadmau5 Uploads “Carp” Variation “What A Save!” To SoundCloud


You know an artist’s online presence is massive when they can send ripples through the EDM blogosphere just by revealing an updated version of the latest track they uploaded to their SoundCloud account earlier in the day. Progressive house icon deadmau5 is on the tiny list of artists who could pull something like that off, as evidenced by the internet’s response to “What a save!”

Despite deadmau5 himself all but announcing that the upload was simply an improved version of “Carp” by giving it such a tongue-in-cheek title, members of the electronic music community are dubbing it a “continuation” of the track. In reality, aside from minor mixing changes the only significant change to the arrangement is the transition from the ambient introduction to the more driving main portion of the song.

Don’t get me wrong, deadmau5‘ new releases still make me anxious to see what else he’s got up his sleeve for Project Entropy, but if he doesn’t even need to try in order to troll his fans anymore then somebody should figure out how to harness his internet presence to end world attention hunger or something.