deadmau5 Uploads More New Music To His SoundCloud


deadmau5 is continuing on with his barrage of new music today. After giving us two new “Project Entropy” cuts at the end of January, Joel returns with “Carp,” a track that sees him back on form.

Boasting a sound that will be familiar to his longtime fans, the song moves away from more of the experimental sounds that the producer has been toying with lately and instead goes for that classic deadmau5 feel. That is, once the eerie intro, made up mostly of gentle plucks, is finished.

It takes about 35 seconds, but before long we’re back into that familiar groove, as the track really picks up, making great use of the drum kit and progressive electro sounds that Joel is known for. Throw in an interesting chord progression and you have a piece of work that fits comfortably into the DJ’s collection of music.

“Carp” is certainly an exciting tease of what the producer has been working on for the past little while, and shows us that despite his online shenanigans, deadmau5 remains one of the most talented artists in EDM at the moment.

We should also mention that Joel teased a mau5hax tour announcement set to arrive next week, with numerous stops on the East Coast including Toronto and Miami.

Stay tuned for more on that, but for now, check out “Carp” above and let us know what you think.

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