Deadmau5’s Upcoming Album Has Already Been Heard In Its Entirety


After teasing his upcoming studio album over the last several months, deadmau5 finally offered up some concrete details about W:/2016Album earlier in the week in the form of a tracklist. Mau5trap shared a video via social media that depicted eleven new track titles in the producer’s usually nonsensical style, cluing fans in as to what will appear on the forthcoming record. However, it quickly became apparent to fans that each song from the LP has previously been heard at some point.

Over the last year, deadmau5 has kept his legions of followers satisfied with his constant studio live streams as he slowly churned out material from W:/2016Album. Tracks like “Cat Thruster,” “Deus Ex Machina,” and “Imaginary Friends” have all made their rounds on the dance music blogosphere, and every other offering from the LP has at some point surfaced on YouTube.

We’re not sure that deadmau5 intentionally leaked his full album ahead of its release, so there’s always the possibility that extra material could be added to compensate for this. While an element of surprise would certainly make the release of W:/2016Album a bit more exciting, fans will no doubt be thrilled to check out the soon to be released music.

We’ve compiled all the album track’s that are still on YouTube below, but it looks like deadmau5 has begun removing some of the cuts on copyright grounds – so be sure to check them out while you still can.