Diplo And Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Drop “Hey Baby” Video


Fans of Diplo have been in for some major releases this week. Not only did his dancehall three piece Major Lazer drop an Indian remix of “Cold Water” for Diwali, but the producer finally unleashed his collaboration with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, titled “Hey Baby,” as well. As if that weren’t enough, we now have an animated music video of the new single to enjoy.

The video for “Hey Baby” kicks off with a comic book theme as Diplo, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike are given some special movie theater tickets. They then enter a cinematic world with references to classic films like Terminator, King Kong, Jurassic Park and more. The plot is all over the place as the three producers warp into different realms, ranging from pirates to zombies to knights and dragons.

The music video for “Hey Baby” doesn’t exactly feel like the best representation of the song itself, but it’s definitely an entertaining piece of eye candy. The cool animation style and myriad of film references bring plenty of visual appeal to the table, while offering up a storyline that’s both familiar and new.

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