Diplo Reveals That Another Jack Ü Album Is In The Works


New year, new Diplo? That certainly looks to be the case, as the bass music pioneer came across gushier than usual in a recent post to his Facebook page. Most importantly, though, buried under a diatribe in which he all but confessed his love for Skrillex, Diplo mentioned for the first time that the two of them are hoping to release a new album in 2016 as Jack Ü.

While we certainly spared no expense in bashing on Jack Ü throughout 2015, Diplo’s tone in parts of the post suggests that perhaps the outfit saw resistance from other segments of the scene as well. Furthermore, Diplo’s uncharacteristically complimentary words about Skrillex make it seem as though there had been friction between the two artists at some point in 2015 that required resolution.

Diplo’s Facebook post in its entirety is below:


It was a big year for both of us but really no one inspires me more than Skrillex. You might know him as the DJ god…

Posted by Diplo on Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Of course, the most pertinent information we can glean from the post is that a new Jack Ü album is in the works. As always, we’ll keep you posted with more specific dates, track lists and leaked singles as the duo releases them to the public.