Justin Bieber Gives Surprise Performance At Drai’s Beach Club

In a move that surprised absolutely nobody, Justin Bieber gave a surprise performance at Drai’s Beach Club in Las Vegas to parade his EDM crossover track around. The pop singer collaborated with the duo Jack Ü – consisting of EDM icons Skrillex and Diplo – on “Where Are Ü Now” back in March, and the three of them will likely milk the song’s crossover value much further yet before the end of the summer.

Really, though, what can I say about the stunt that I haven’t already said about Jack Ü collaborating with Bieber? It was an obvious business move planned by a bunch of guys in suits to capitalize on the combined celebrity power of both outfits, just as Jack Ü itself was. “Where Are Ü Now” sounds like the three of them were trying to make the next “Latch,” and it couldn’t have come out sounding more forced. The only people who lose their minds over stunts like these are those too simple to distinguish status from quality art – so as long as they continue to outnumber intelligent fans then I suppose the gimmick serves its purpose.

…So maybe I’ll just say that the real highlight of this video is the nice gentleman wearing the jersey with the phrase “SLUT WHISPERER” on the back. You da’ real MVP.