Disclosure’s New Album Will Feature Another Sam Smith Collaboration


Over the past month, Disclosure have certainly been drumming up some buzz. The Surrey, England duo recently followed up a couple of new tracks with the official date announcement and album art of their sophomore effort – and now fans have even more reason for excitement regarding what they’ve got in the works.

It’s no exaggeration to suggest that pop singer/songwriter Sam Smith played a crucial role in Disclosure’s somewhat recent rise. His iconic vocals on “Latch” helped the track cross over into the mainstream, etching its rhythms into the collective consciousness of anyone with a radio. Anyone who found themselves humming to the track can now rejoice in the knowledge that he will be joining the two brothers on an upcoming collaboration, if the hints he dropped on Twitter are any indication.

Smith himself tweeted a headshot with Disclosure’s signature superimposed caricature over his face:

…And then followed it up with some sufficiently exclamatory profanity:

Smith’s new collaboration with the duo will almost certainly make for standout material on Caracal. While big radio ran “Latch” into the ground from 2013 on, nobody’s debating that it was an innovative pop track; whatever the three artists team up on will not likely betray the integrity of their previous work together.

Tell us, what you think about the news of Disclosure teaming up with Sam Smith once more. Did you enjoy “Latch” when it came out, and do you look forward to another joint effort between these artists? Sound off below!