Disclosure Firm Their Grip With Holding On


We were wondering when the Disclosure we know and love would return to their senses. The UK brothers turned a lot of noses with the release of “Bang That” earlier in the month, but we’re happy to see that it was only a brief lapse in creative sensibility as their latest track hits the nail on the head.

“Holding On” sees the return of everyone’s favorite signature Disclosure elements: deep organs, funky pads and fancifully groovy percussion. In conjunction with soulful vocals from jazz singer Gregory Porter, the track measures up to the standard set by iconic tracks like “Latch” and “White Noise.” Seeing as how this is the very first single from the duo’s sophomore album, the upcoming effort promises to hold true to the sounds that made them the deep house movement’s reluctant poster children.

While no official release date has been specified for the album, chances are it’ll arrive alongside a slew of other updates in the months to follow. Until it does, though, check out the new track above and tell us, does “Holding On” build your anticipation for Disclosure‘s sophomore effort?

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