DJ Snake Confirms He’s Playing Coachella 2017


We’ve still got a ways to go until Coachella 2017, but already we’re starting to hear whispers about the highly anticipated roster of talent that will be performing there. Not too long ago a leaked list popped up on the internet (and that wasn’t even the first one), and we’ve also seen the artists themselves letting things slip. First, it was DJ Khaled, and now, DJ Snake joins him.

The producer posted on Snapchat earlier today a photo which strongly implied that he’ll be playing at the festival. It was taken down quickly after going live, but you can check it out for yourself below:


Of course, the artist could just be having some fun with his fans, but there’s no reason to think that he wouldn’t show up somewhere like Coachella. After all, he’s a bona fide hit maker, with numerous chart-topping singles and tons of credibility in the industry.

We’d certainly have no problem seeing him out in the desert come April, and are hopeful that he will indeed show up on the final line-up once it’s released early next year.