R. Kelly Takes On DJ Snake’s “Let Me Love You” With Vocal Edit


Over the last month, we’ve heard a number of great remixes of DJ Snake‘s “Let Me Love You,” starting with Tiësto’s deep house rendition, followed by Marshmello’s mix and culminating with a rework from Zedd last week. Now, the Parisian producer is keeping his Justin Bieber collaboration on our minds as he enlists R&B icon R. Kelly for a new version of the hit single.

For the latest version of “Let Me Love You,” Bieber’s vocals have been removed and replaced by R. Kelly, who provides some fresh lyrics along with his soulful crooning. The backing music is largely unchanged, but the singer is able to fill Bieber’s shoes with an excellent vocal edit of the song.

While not a significant deviation from DJ Snake‘s original version, R. Kelly’s edit arrives as a memorable alternate rendition of the hit song. It’s hard to argue against the singer’s vocal prowess, which he utilizes in full force throughout his version to great effect. Overall it’s a solid addition to the “Let Me Love You” remixes that’s well worth a listen.