Tiësto Gets Deep On Remix Of DJ Snake’s “Let Me Love You”


Back in October, Marshmello previewed a new rendition of DJ Snake‘s hit collaboration with Justin Bieber on “Let Me Love You,” prompting speculation around the possibility of a remix EP. This was only strengthened after Zedd shared a teaser of his own flip earlier in the month, and now it’s been confirmed that a “Let Me Love You” remix pack will be arriving, with additional mixes by Tiësto and Don Diablo.

Up first is Tiësto’s take on “Let Me Love You,” which ranks as a worthy follow up to the smash single. The iconic producer opens his remix with a captivating chord progression as Justin Bieber’s vocals fill the speakers. Picking up the pace, Tiësto works in four on the floor rhythms that lead us into deep house dominated drops, complete with rubbery bass riffs and kinetic percussion.

With its heartbreaking melodies and soothing vocals, “Let Me Love You” is the type of song that could easily be killed with an overly club-friendly remix, but Tiësto issues the right degree of his restraint with his version. While the drops are infused with Malaa-esque basslines, the Dutch DJ keeps the verses sweet and simple with some gorgeous synth plucks layered under Bieber’s famliar vocal hooks, resulting in a strong remix that stands tall alongside the original.

With Tiësto‘s version now available, we’re can’t wait for the rest of the “Let Me Love You” remixes to arrive.