Marshmello Is Remixing DJ Snake And Justin Bieber’s Collab


When DJ Snake delivered his debut studio album Encore back in August, he set the stage for full on pop crossover with his Justin Bieber collaboration “Let Me Love You,” a single that’s gone on to top the charts for ten consecutive weeks. Marshmello is now planning to keep the catchy tune in the limelight this week as he takes to Snapchat to tease his own upcoming remix of “Let Me Love You.”

While we’re naturally excited by the prospect of a Marshmello remix for “Let Me Love You,” the jet puffed producer has unfortunately only offered up a nine second sample of his flip so far. The short clip focuses on Justin Bieber’s sped up vocal hooks over a plucked chord progression before abruptly cutting out. For now, fans will have to use their imagination as to how the signature Mello sound will vibe with Beiber’s vocals.

It’s not much to go off, but considering Marshmello‘s penchant for delivering solid remixes, we’ll be looking forward to his take on “Let Me Love You.” Without a release date set in stone, you’ll just have to stay tuned for more updates regarding the remix.