DNCE Perform “Body Moves” On Jimmy Fallon


DNCE are hot on the heels of unleashing their first ever album, and as it turns out, it’s one of the best pop efforts to come out this year. They’ve got a pretty catchy lead single that they’ve been promoting in “Body Moves,” too, and it’s been making its way up the Pop charts a little bit more every day. To help it climb even quicker, the band recently appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to perform the track live.

What sticks out the most is the lower key change that DNCE play the song in versus the studio version, but they manage to light up the stage with their energetic presence regardless. The horn section helps liven things, too, but the band’s raw talent is shown off effortlessly here and ultimately carries the performance. Despite not being the most original song in their catalog, playing it live makes it much more interesting – and you’ve got to chalk that up to the fact that they’re just a great live band.

DNCE’s new album has a ton of hit-worthy songs in its track listing, and whether you prefer in-your-face jams like “Zoom” or more laid-back numbers like “Truthfully,” the record is packed with infectious hooks that will no doubt have you singing along.