DNCE Announce Debut Full-Length Out In November


DNCE is your new favorite band – at least according to them, they are. After forming only a year ago, the pop-rock group featuring Joe Jonas quickly made waves in the mainstream with their single “Cake By The Ocean” and EP, SWAAY. Two Top 40 singles later, DNCE is planning to the show the world what else they’ve got with their new debut full-length album, set for release on November 18th via Republic Records.

DNCE’s album is expected to follow in the footsteps and be a continuation in sound that was found in their SWAAY EP. In fact, most of the songs on the EP will probably just be moved to the album, especially “Cake By The Ocean,” which was a top ten Billboard Hot 100 single and nearly hit number on the Mainstream Top 40 charts. It makes sense that they’d want their popular songs that everyone’s been listening to for the past year to be associated with their album, but it’d be a bummer if a potential ten song record was mostly filled with older tracks.

However, there will be plenty of original, brand new material on the DNCE record, too, as the band’s been teasing info and clips over the past couple of months. Jonas has mentioned that he wrote a song that might possibly be “too personal” to make the final cut, while Snapchat snippets and live performances of songs like “Body Moves” and “Good Day” prove mightily that DNCE have their arsenal filled with massively catchy pop songs.

Maybe DNCE claiming to be your new favorite band isn’t so presumptuous after all.

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