DNCE Reveal Track Listing To Upcoming Album


DNCE celebrates the official release today of their new single, “Body Moves.” The funky pop jam is the first taste of their self-titled, debut album – sort of. Along with the song comes the track listing for the forthcoming record, and the collection of songs will be a bit familiar to anyone who listened to last year’s EP, SWAAY.

Three of the four songs from the SWAAY EP will be making the cut for the full-length, including “Pay My Rent,” “Toothbrush,” and their hit, “Cake By the Ocean.” “Jinx” is the unfortunate song that gets left off here, but it’s for the best as it definitely wasn’t as strong as the other three.

Though some might think it’s cheap that there’s a couple of old songs, the band is making up for it by having a hefty 14 tracks in total on the record. Amongst the collection are titles like “Zoom,” “Naked,” and “Be Mean,” and they even get a little narcissistic with a song that is seriously titled “DNCE.” Elsewhere on the disc, Rapper Kent Jones features on “Blown,” which could have single-potential given Jones’ typical catchy flow in songs of his own.

Most of the songs on DNCE’s upcoming album, out November 18th, have been played live in some fashion over the past year, so if you’re dying to hear what’s to come, performance videos are at your disposal. However, for those patiently waiting, you can continue to jam to “Body Moves” and prepare to hear it on the radio shortly, as the track goes for Mainstream Top 40 adds on October 4th.

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